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Assistance In Recovering Unpaid Medical Debts

Assistance in recovering unpaid medical debts

Collection Agency » Assistance in recovering unpaid medical debts

Doctors have an intimate relationship with their patients. In order to successfully treat a patient, a doctor must gain their trust. This can take one of two visits for some, but most need up to ten appointments for a bond to develop. When this trust has been earned, patients will tell their doctor things about themselves that they would never think of telling their spouse. Although not as strong as the physician's, the medical office staff also has rapport with the patient.

The employees and doctors of a medical office find it difficult to transition from caregiver to business person. Accepting payment for co-pays and insurance billing are fairly basic transactions. Insurance does not cover all costs, and patients’ balances can quickly add up to substantial sums for uninsured procedures. When patients do not pay these balances, it is challenging for the office staff to switch gears and become a debt collector. Physicians are reluctant to break the bond between them.

Hiring a national debt collection agency will take this difficult task out of the local office. A collection agency has a staff of professionally trained debt collectors. A debt collector will work with the patient to have outstanding balances paid. When people hear collection agency, the image that comes to mind is of relentless, callous callers who will stop at nothing to get payment. While there may be a few who fit this description, the majority are well mannered customer service representatives who are working as a debt collector. A successful debt collector knows that they must walk a fine line between harassing a debtor and being too soft.

Choosing which collection agency is a good fit for your practice is important. The agency’s success rate – what percentage of outstanding debts are collected, average length of time to receive payment, fees charged are points to consider. After signing with a company, a case manager from the agency will meet with the physician or business office manager to decide on a course of action. Guidelines for issues such as number of phone calls per patient, establishment of payment schedule parameters, and discharge of debt will be established.

Referring a patient's debt to a collection agency is not an easy task for a physician. Your agent will honor the bond between you and your patient act with this in mind. At the conclusion of the process, having a check in your hand for payment will make the course of action worthwhile.

We recommend letting a professional National Collection Agency handle your outstanding debts for the most effective and efficient no-upfront cost way to collect on monies owed to you.

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